-17TH FEBRUARY 2021 (COVID-19). WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Work will be completed remotely as much as possible. A copy of the studios COVID-19 risk assessment available on request


*Please note, i do not work on rap music. If you are quering for this or similar I can suggest more suitable studios for you to contact. *

Stourbridge Studios is a 2019/2020 BCMA nominated home run recording studio just outside of Stourbridge town centre in the West Midlands. The studios owner and producer (Chris Wilson) has over 15 years of experience working in the music industry mentoring, performing and recording, and is also a fully qualified and active teacher in Music holding both a BA (Hons) and PGCE in Music.



Audio is recorded using a massive choice of microphones and outboard equipment. Tracks are edited to tighten timing/tuning and resolve phase issues. Reamping (sending a DI signal into an amplifier) is available on a choice of bass/guitar amplifiers and cabinets.


Audio is mixed using a range of software and analogue outboard equipment. Final mixes are either "master ready" or mastered on request.


Damaged audio can be repaired. Example restorations includes fixing poor instrument balance, pops, clicks, hiss, noise.


Audio is mastered for commercial release with the appropriate red book/DDP and digital platform standards.

The studio can be easily reached by car or public transport and is within easy reach of the surrounding areas (eg Netherton, Blackheath, Rowley Regis, Brierley Hill, Pensnett, Wordsley, Kingswinford, Wall Heath, Norton, Wolleston, Halesowen, Gornal, Sedgley, Wolverhampton, Oldbury). There are also several large supermarkets and fast food restaurant chains within a few minutes walk of the studio.


-Allen and Heath QU24

-Cubase 10.5 Pro

-Spectralayers Pro 7

-Mac Pro Hackintosh (i7 7700K, 32GB RAM, NVME SSD, UAD2 PCI card)


-Shure SM57s, SM58s, SM7B, Green bullet

-AKG D112, C1000 (pair)

-Audio Technika Pro 25

-Audix D2s, D4s, i5

-SeElectronics SE1 (pair), SE4 (pair and add. capsules)

-Rode NT1, NT2a

-Yamaha HS7 Sub-Kick

-Slate Digital ML1, ML2s

-Fame VT67 tube mic

-MXL R80 ribbon mic

-Soup can mics


-Yamaha NS10s

-Auratone 5C Mixcube

-Yamaha HS50s

-Fostex Pm1 Mk1s


-UREI 7110EX compressor

-1970s WEM Watkins Copicat tape delay (modded)

-Klark-Technik 1176 (comp), 2A (comp), EQP (stereo pair EQ)

-Furman LC-3A compresser

-Alesis 3630 (comp), Microverb 4 (fx), Midiverb 4 (fx)

-Avid Elevenrack (guitar amp sim)

-Brelliott SCS-20 custom valve Guitar Amplifier

-Vox AC30VR

-Orange combo

-1970s Carlsbro Hornet Guitar Amplifier 

-Ampeg SVT-450 Bass Amplifier

-Trace Elliot AH300 Bass Amplifier

-Various pedal stompboxes


Various bundles from Apogee, IK Multimedia, Plugin Alliance, Propellerhead, PSPAudioware, Slate Digital, Softube, Soundtoys, Universal Audio (UAD), Waves.

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